566 7th Avenue in New York City

566 7th Avenue, NY 11215
Residences 4


Housing Type: Condo
Number of units: 4
Number of stories: 4
Construction Status: In the beginning

566 7th Avenue Team


Do you want to buy an apartment in a good area with nice infrastructure? Are you a student who is not ready to pay a huge rent for Manhattan residences? The condominium at 566 7th Avenue will fit you in both cases, since you can either buy an apartment or rent one. One of the advantages of the four-story building is the number of units: 4. Thus, you will own the whole floor. This will minimize the noise due to the small number of neighbors, and allow you to make friends with everyone. Your property will stay safe and your neighbors will be able to notify you of any problems that occur. Another advantage of the condominium is its location. Brooklyn is one of the best boroughs in New York. It is quiet and calm, which makes it especially suitable for families with children. There are many schools, cafes and restaurants with various cuisines, as well as different stores, nearby. For pet owners, there is a grooming salon a couple of minutes away from the apartments, as well as a huge number of parks where you can go for a walk. If you want to have a picnic, visit the huge Prospect Park with its beautiful lake and enjoy the sun. For drivers, it is easy to get to Manhattan by the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel. For those who don't have a car, there is the 15 St - Prospect Park Subway Station just a few minutes walk from the building. The construction, done by the Bricolage Design Associates company, is at the beginning stage. Despite that, you can already contact your real personal estate agent and find out the available options. Hurry up and be the first one to snatch the best apartment.